Moussa Kone (drawing), Walter Pamminger (concept), Bastian Schneider (text): Eine Naht aus Licht und Schwarz. Graphic Novel. Sonderzahl, Vienna, 2018. ISBN 978-3-85449-496-6

30.3 x 23.5 cm, 96 pages, 176 illustrations, hardcover, thread-bound. German. Graphic Design by Wolfgang Homola.

The recipe sounds incredibly simple: 176 ink drawings by Moussa Kone meet 176 short texts by Bastian Schneider - but it quickly becomes clear that texts and images do not simply comment upon or illustrate each other, but rather fully correspond to each other: in a book concept by Walter Pamminger they open up a space which, above all, gains its meaning from the distance that remains between the two registers of the description.

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Moussa Kone, bookcover, Eine Naht aus Licht und Schwarz, moussa kone, bastian schneider, walter pamminger


Alexander Peer: Der Klang der stummen Verhältnisse. Gedichte. Limbus Lyrik, 2017. ISBN 978-3-99039-114-3

19.5 x 12 cm, 96 pages, 26 illustrations on single and double pages, hardcover, thread-bound, ribbon page marker. German.

Alexander Peer’s poems examine critically the state of the world. In the five chapters of the book, cultural history is moored to the human body: head, heart, belly, genitals and hand. Peer’s poems and Moussa Kone’s ink drawings complement each other; the fragmented body becomes a projection surface for depicting society.

"Moussa Kone’s magnificent ink drawings, which accompany the poems thematically, make the slim volume an ideal companion for days when it is a pleasure to fail cheerfully at life." (Falter 12/18, p.30)

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Moussa Kone, bookcover, alexander peer


Moussa Kone: The Abecedarium of the Artist's Death. 26 dangers for your career. Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Vienna, 2014. ISBN 978-3-86984-527-2

14.5 x 17 cm, 56 pages, 26 illustrations, hardcover, thread-bound, register-cut. English. Layout by Martin Wunderer.

More than any other profession the artist is exposed to a variety of dangers which could cause the sudden end of a career. Moussa Kone portrays tragic examples of this from everyday artistic life through 26 drawings of testified moments. Each entry is tabbed, address-book style from A to Z. Moussa Kone creates detailed, Gorey-esque, black-and-white ink drawings that are darkly humorous and socially critical. The delightful artist book is filled with gory but humorous cautionary tales for aspiring artists in the contemporary art world. It is a memento mori, demonstrating the precarious position of the artist, which every art student - and his parents - should have read.

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Moussa Kone bookcover Abecedarium of the Artist's Death


Stift Melk (ed.): Points of Passage. Kunst, Literatur, Tanz und Film im Stift Melk. Stift Melk, 2014. ISBN 978-3-9502328-9-9

17 x 22 cm, 194 pages, 45 illustrations, hardcover with dust jacket, thread-bound, ribbon page marker. German. Graphic design by Bettina Scheiber. Published on the occasion of the contemporary art exhibition "Points of Passage" at Abbey Melk in 2014.

Texts by Martin Rotheneder, Nina Schedlmayer, Moussa Kone, Erwin Uhrmann, E.G. Thormassi, Jakob Deibl, Josef Kleindienst, Alexander Peer, Gabriele Petricek, Magda Woitzuck.

Moussa Kone and Erwin Uhrmann curated an arts program for Melk Abbey in 2014: Visual Arts, Literature, Dance and Film. The invited artists and authors explored the history of this famous art historic spot in Austria's cultural landscape, with its influence on religious, economical and political issues over the centuries. The book is not only an extensive documentation of the group exhibition, site specific interventions and its performances, it is a major part of the project itself. It contains art critical texts, philosophical articles and short novels by poets written especially for "Points of Passage". It includes artworks of the visual artists Katharina Gruzei, Ines Hochgerner, Bernhard Hosa, Manuel Hölzl, Moussa Kone, Stephan Lugbauer, Rainer Prohaska, Markus Proschek, Bianca Regl, Corinne L.Rusch and Yusimi Moya Rodriguez.

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Moussa Kone bookcover Stift Melk


Moussa Kone, Martin Rotheneder (ed.): The Colman Book of Wounds and Wonders. Stift Melk, 2014. ISBN 978-3-9503864-0-0

14.40 x 11 cm, 94 pages, 48 illustrations, softcover, bound. Yorùbá and German. Graphic design by Moussa Kone. Yorùbá translation by Ṣàngódelé Ayọ̀bíyi. Published on the occasion of the contemporary art exhibition "Points of Passage" at Abbey Melk in 2014.

Texts by Martin Rotheneder and Moussa Kone.

In this artist's book Moussa Kone relates his work to the Coloman breviary which was handed out to pilgrims at Melk Abbey in the 18th century. According to popular belief, the booklets had the mystical power to protect its owners. In 48 drawings "Wounds and Wonders" focuses on the human body, featuring all the cruelties of the legend. Combined with magic protection charms and blessings in Yorùbá language this new book represents a bridge to the human yearning to experience the deity and the power of book-making.

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Moussa Kone Buch Wounds and Wonders


Andreas Schett, Moussa Kone (ed.): Manual. Kerber Artbooks, Berlin/Bielefeld/Leipzig, 2011. ISBN 978-3-86678-547-2

32.40 x 24.30 cm, 188 pages, 106 illustrations, softcover with flaps, thread-bound. German and English. Graphic design by Klaus Mayr, Circus, Büro für Kommunikation und Gestaltung, Innsbruck.

Texts by Christa Benzer, Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer, Kurt Kladler, Fiona Liewehr, Oona Lochner, Karin Pernegger, Ursula Maria Probst, Nina Schedlmayer, Monika Schwärzler, Ulli Seegers, Erwin Uhrmann and Rolf Wienkötter.

The main section of this handbook contains seven series of drawings; an appendix contains a number of further works (including works completed in collaboration with other artists) and an extensive interview with Moussa Kone. Each chapter begins with a text and one of the colours of the rainbow. Exhibition views are frequently provided between the individual drawings, yielding surprising associations. The finely dissected works lose much of their wealth of detail when reduced in size, which is why full-size detail views of the drawings are inserted bleeding off the page - and revealing the drawer's gaze to the reader.

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Moussa Kone article


Erwin Uhrmann, Moussa Kone (ed.): Nocturnes. Literaturedition Niederösterreich, 2012. ISBN 978-3-902717-14-6

16 x 20 cm, 152 pages, 54 drawings, 51 lyrical texts, imprinted hardcover with dust jacket, thread-bound, ribbon page marker. German.

Contains a preface by E.G. Thormassi

Nocturnes contains 51 lyrical texts written by Erwin Uhrmann and 54 drawings of Moussa Kone. The artbook describes in its composition a turbulent, dangerous course of the night: roadtrips, twilight hours, nightmare-episodes, clear and bright moments, excursions in remote areas, far into the solar system, nebulously described secrets, violence, serenades, anxiety, murders, street ballads, ecstatic moments, kinky poems. Erwin Uhrmann and Moussa Kone have been collaborating in various art projects. They focus on the relationship between art and text. They cofounded the artist association "Kunstwerft" in Vienna, ran an artist-run-space and the "Art Hatch" as well as its "Collection of Stolen Art". In their opera libretto "Missing: Discourse" they reflected in drawings and texts about the art scene. Both initiated the "Art Critics Award", where artists select Austria's best critics.

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Moussa Kone und Erwin Uhrmann


Hermann Burger, Moussa Kone: Diabelli. Harpune Books, Vienna, 2011. ISBN 978-3-903348-00-4

17 x 21 cm, 112 pages, 50 drawings printed in letterpress, set in hot metal, thread-bound, Letterpress dust jacket. German.

Published in an edition of 250 numbered copies signed by the artist. Hand-colored special boxed edition of 26 copies with a paper "cootie catcher" fortune teller.

Diabelli is a handmade artist's book, printed in letterpress technique, signed and numbered. Hermann Burger's text is the mocking farewell monologue of sleight-of-hand artist and magician Grazio Diabelli, who in his pursuit of the illusionary arts has lost sight of his own self. Drawing the only possible conclusion from a life defined by legerdemain, magic and loneliness, he decides that his grand finale is to be the brilliant staging of his own disappearance. Moussa Kone graces Hermann Burger's great illusionist with the Magician's Oath of the drawer: Every movement of the hand is visible in the dense shading; hard contrasts lead the viewer into a universe of imagery suspended between exterior aspects and interior vistas, between real and imagined realities. In fifty assiduously parsed ink drawings, he provides an subtle stage and the ideal audience for this art book.

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Moussa Kone Harpune Verlag


Moussa Kone: Etymology. Harpune Books, Vienna, 2012.

15 x 20 cm, 16 pages, Leporello (20 x 71 cm in total). Published in an edition of 460 numbered copies. Plus 40 pieces signed by the artist in a special edition with parts of the original drawing.

Since autumn 2011 Harpune Verlag Vienna publishes Herman Melville's masterpiece about the Great White Whale and his relentless pursuer Captain Ahab as a serial in 137 chapters. To do justice to the book's many voices, each chapter is illustrated by a different artist and each limited edition issue of 460 copies is published in non-chronological order at the rate of one chapter per month. Subscribe for the more than 10 years lasting hunt for all the chapters! Forty copies are published in a special edition produced in collaboration with the artist. Moussa Kone's chapter features the whole whale in one piece drawn over 16 pages.

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Moussa Kone Moby Dick Filet


Moussa Kone, Erwin Uhrmann, Martin Haltrich (ed.): Missing:Discourse. Galerie 5020, Salzburg, 2007.

15 x 21 cm, 92 pages, staple binding. Contains 20 drawings, musical notation and text.

Published as an edition of 150 signed and numbered copies on the occasion of the groupshow "Is it a High C or a Vitamin B - Ironie und Humor als Spurenelemente in der zeitgenössischen Kunst" curated by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein.

A collaboration between Moussa Kone (concept, drawings), Erwin Uhrmann (concept, text), Martin and Dietmar Haltrich (composition) and Dominik Portune (guestauthor for the part of "Herta von Tannwipp"). The libretto contains on 90 pages drawings, various musical notations and the complete text of the opera (arias, dialogues, stage directions). The opera tells the story of a young artist, Hannes Sabians, moving through various art locations in the fictitious city of Muquay. Together with his mate, Alain Bisam he is planning to stage a performance entitled "Missing: Discourse" for the NAP NITE, that should become a milestone in their young career. But finally everything goes wrong, when the discourse hits the stage. Based on the arthistoric "Mundus Inversus" concept, the protagonists of the art scene are typified through different animal species. Pdf download of the publication is available on request.

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Moussa Kone und Erwin Uhrmann


Lioba Reddeker (ed.): Art Critics Award Lesebuch. basis wien, Wien, 2007. ISBN 978-3-9502252-1-1

13 x 21 cm, 136 pages, softcover, bound. German. Published on the occasion of the first Art Critics Award, an art project initiated by Moussa Kone.

Texts by Lioba Reddeker, Moussa Kone, Erwin Uhrmann, Christian Demand and frieze authors Jörg Heiser, Jennifer Higgie, James Trainor, Robert Storr, Brian Dillon, Georg Pendle, Eugenia Bell, Emily King, Tom Wolfe, etc.

The Art Critics Award, a prize for art criticism in Austria, puts a 180 degree turn on the usual relationships of appraisal and is based on an evaluation of art critics' work by visual artists. The Art Critics Award is a venture about the way art criticism should be according to those at the receiving end. The book consists of texts about the art project Art Critics Award and in cooperation with frieze magazine it features texts about art criticism (frieze issue No 100) translated into German language.

Moussa Kone Art Critics Award Lesebuch