Moussa Kone, Martin Rotheneder (ed.): The Colman Book of Wounds and Wonders. Stift Melk, 2014. ISBN 978-3-9503864-0-0

14.40 x 11 cm, 94 pages, 48 illustrations, softcover, bound. Yorùbá and German. Graphic design by Moussa Kone. Yorùbá translation by Ṣàngódelé Ayọ̀bíyi. Published on the occasion of the contemporary art exhibition "Points of Passage" at Abbey Melk in 2014.

Texts by Martin Rotheneder and Moussa Kone.

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In this artist's book Moussa Kone relates his work to the Coloman breviary which was handed out to pilgrims at Melk Abbey in the 18th century. According to popular belief, the booklets had the mystical power to protect its owners. In 48 drawings "Wounds and Wonders" focuses on the human body, featuring all the cruelties of the legend. Combined with magic protection charms and blessings in Yorùbá language this new book represents a bridge to the human yearning to experience the deity and the power of book-making.